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  1. Levi
    I just recently bought a 1988 Allison xtb 21 my first boat I ever owned. I have always want one scence I could remember
  2. BobbyBergren
    Looking for used Alison XB-21 XST, XB-21 BasSport 2+2, XB-21 ProSport, or XB-21 BasSport Pro. Message or Email
  3. Adair
    Proud owner of 97 xb003 pro sport
  4. stan92
    Josh from Greensboro nc I have been around boats and racing since I was young/younger I have a 2016 xr2002 with a 1997 15" 225 mariner
  5. Jason Mathewes
    Jason Mathewes DOUBLE J
    Do you still have the 26 jaco prop for sale?
  6. Wyman Boatwright jr
    Wyman Boatwright jr
    Looking a super sport!!!!
  7. mayberryrick
    mayberryrick nickens21
    Give me a call at 865-607-8846. Have a question about your XTB.
  8. JWolff
    JWolff Jr in Jax
    Were you able to fix the old ECU or did you just trash it and go to the ACU?
    What motor was it on?
    1. Jr in Jax
      Jr in Jax
      I still have the ECU on my workshop shelf for my 98 ProMax 225 SS [15 mid]. Simon and CDI in the panhandle both used to repair them. There have also been quite a few that added an external pump relay that powers the pump when the key is turned on.
      Jul 20, 2017
    2. Jr in Jax
  9. dubmoney
    dubmoney admin
    I think it would be cool if we had a tab on our memeber profile to list our boat, motor, props, speeds, set-back, and maybe every other little thing like trolling motors, fish finders, gauges, other accessories. I know we have a page that lists owners, but it is hard to cross referece between names and screen names.
  10. BuddyBell
    BuddyBell admin
    I am posting for my father...he has a 1999 Allison mint condition for sale and wants to pay the $50 to do we do that?
  11. Dennis P
    Dennis P
    Went from Big bay to Wiarton back to Owen Sound the circumnavigated Grifith and Hay islands before visiting a friend on white cloud island.
  12. Dennis P
    Dennis P
    Finally Summer is here and was out in the GS on the weekend on Georgian Bay,
  13. Marion Gohagan
    Marion Gohagan
    I have a 15' and 16' both 7o's models. My son has an 1983 Gt 20.
  14. rifles11
    i am not able to post let me no what to do thanks
  15. rifles11
    looking for used xb 21 contact me 4695768529 thanks
  16. Ally03 200xs
    Ally03 200xs badbait
    Bill this is Neil. I had to re-power my boat a in December with a 300xs. The 200xs burn up cylinder 5. What prop(s) would you recommend for top end, fishing, and cruising? The only prop I have right now is a 30 Promax that is running around 6250-6300 rpm. I was thinking about buying a 32ET.
  17. Steve Melton
    Steve Melton GotMyAlly
    Check my post and let me know if pictures can be seen. Since everyone can tell I'm not very good with making posts
  18. Chase
    final job on the restoration, wiring all switches and components. Then she is done :)
  19. Willie Marchand
    Willie Marchand
    1976 allison xst powered by 1986 evinrude 140 loop charged still running strong
  20. dubmoney
    dubmoney procomp
    I am looking for a stator, any chance you still have the one laying around you posted years ago? PN#398-5454A36
    1. procomp
      gone sorry
      Apr 24, 2017